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  Matie Viles
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New and Renewal applicants: The deadline for applications for the 2020-2021 school year has been extended until June 10, 2020. Because schools are closed, we realize that it is difficult to obtain records and letters of recommendation. Applications must be postmarked by that date. ~Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has announced that 51 scholarship were awarded in May, 2019. These scholarships totaled $95,600.00.
~Viles Foundation, Inc.

New Mexico Highlands University selected Matie Viles and Ken and Sue Crimmins to co-name the new Student Residence hall on their campus. It is known as the "Matie Viles and Ken and Sue Crimmin Student Residence Hall". ~Viles Foundation, Inc.


Emiteria “Matie” Martinez Robinson Viles

Matie R. Viles is the founder of the
Viles Foundation, Inc.

An Unheralded Benefactor

   Emiteria “Matie” Martinez Robinson Viles


The purpose of the corporation is to benefit the young people of New Mexico by making available educational opportunities which would not otherwise be forthcoming with emphasis on, but not expressly limiting the benefits to orphan girls, fatherless or motherless girls and with emphasis on young people from San Miguel and Mora Counties in New Mexico.

This statement was made by Emiteria “Matie” Martinez Robinson Viles in 1959, and has adequately directed the work of the Foundation to this date.

1959 - 2019
61 Years

961 Students Granted $2,865,391.61


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